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InterQual® Criteria and SmartSheets

When we receive a request for authorization or prior approval, our utilization review nurses use Change Healthcare’s InterQual® criteria to determine if the services and level of care are clinically indicated. If the criteria are met, the case is approved; if the criteria are not met, the case is reviewed by a physician.

InterQual criteria are clinically based on best practice, clinical data and medical literature. They are updated continually and released annually.

For certain services, we supplement the InterQual criteria with our own medical and behavioral health clinical criteria.

Log in to use the InterQual Level of Care Criteria application

Referring to the criteria in the tool may help you:

Before a service is rendered: Determine if it will meet InterQual® criteria.
After a service is rendered: Understand how we made a medical necessity determination for a service that has been rendered.

To access the InterQual application on our website, log in and go to Clinical Resources>Prior Authorization>
InterQual Criteria and SmartSheets
. Then scroll down to InterQual Level of Care Criteria.


We encourage Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts-participating providers to use Change Healthcare’s InterQual SmartSheets to submit prior authorization requests for certain procedures.

Fax the completed SmartSheet (72 hours before the date of service) to the appropriate number:

  • 1-888-641-1375 (commercial members)
  • 1-800-447-2994 (Medicare HMO Blue and Medicare PPO Blue members)
  • 1-888-282-1315 (Federal Employee Program members)
  • 1-617-246-4299 (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts employees).
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