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ConnectCenter is a tool medical and behavioral health providers can use to submit claims and to perform most real-time transactions. It is owned and maintained by Change Healthcare.

With ConnectCenter, you can:

  • Check member benefits and eligibility
  • Check the status of your claims
  • Submit and verify referrals
  • Submit and track professional 1500 claims and replacement claims using Direct Data Entry (DDE)

To request authorization or check the status of your authorization requests, use Authorization Manager. Note: You can learn authorization requirements in ConnectCenter. Refer to our Quick Start Guide for more information.

To use this tool, simply log in, click on this page in the eTools tab, and look for the Go Now button. No additional username or password is necessary. Not registered for Provider Central? Find out who can register.

  Screenshots are available in the "Tips for Common Transactions" area below.

If you don’t see a Go Now button, please contact the Provider Central account administrator in your office to give you access to this eTool. For more information, see our Provider Central Administrators Quick Start Guide.

New to Provider Central?

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

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Who can use ConnectCenter?

Only contracted providers, their staff, and their billing agencies can register for Provider Central and use ConnectCenter. Learn more.

How can I access this tool?

Log in, click eTools>ConnectCenter, and look for the Go Now button. No additional username or password is necessary.

If you are registering for Provider Central, please wait 15 minutes after creating your account before performing a real-time transaction in ConnectCenter. Please wait one business day before submitting a claim in ConnectCenter.

What if I'm not contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts?

Non-participating providers can use the following resources.

  • For benefits, eligibility, and prior authorization inquiries, call BlueCard® EligibilitySM at 1-800-676-BLUE (2583).
  • For details about processed claims, use Payspan.
  • For referral and authorization request submissions, use a tool or fax number on our Prior Authorization page. These resources also appear in our Authorization Quick Tip.
  • To check eligibility, benefits, or claim status, you can also use our phone-based system, InfoDial. You can reach InfoDial at 1-800-443-6657.

Trainings and resources

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ConnectCenter best practices

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First, create provider records

Save yourself keystrokes by setting up records in the Provider Management area. Then, set a default Requesting Provider (for real-time transactions). If you will use ConnectCenter to submit claims, set defaults for Billing Provider and Rendering Provider as well.

Instructions are in the Provider Management Quick Tip.

Collapse screen areas you don't need

Most ConnectCenter screens include sections that can be expanded or collapsed ("accordions"). It is helpful to collapse the sections you don't need.

As the example below indicates, inquiry responses appear under the Submit button and may include drop-down menus for changing the information displayed.

Use Worklists

If you submit claims through ConnectCenter, the tool will automatically create Worklists of denied claims, rejected claims, and incomplete claims. When you resolve the problem with a claim, you can delete it from your Worklist.

Tip: You can use claims in your Incomplete Claims Worklist as templates. Learn more in our Quick Start Guide.

Log out at the end of your session

When you have finished performing transactions in ConnectCenter, be sure to log out to protect Personal Health Information available through the tool. Users who do not log out may find that their sessions eventually time out automatically. Simply close the Change Healthcare window and log into Provider Central again to begin a new session.

Tips for common transactions

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How to set up your referral submission

For Type, you will usually enter "Visits." Place of Service codes can be found here.

Need help?

Reminder: If you need to verify member benefits or eligibility, or understand the status of a claim, you are required to use our technologies first.

  • Change Healthcare’s ConnectCenter support is available at 1-800-527-8133.
    • Select option 2 for help creating a claim or finding claim status in ConnectCenter.
    • Select option 3, option 1 for help submitting an eligibility request or referral in ConnectCenter.
      Note: Change Healthcare Representatives cannot provide member benefit information.
  • Within the ConnectCenter application, you can request help by going to Help>Create a Support Ticket.
  • For help with Provider Central, please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield’s EDI/Provider Self-Service Support Team at providercentral@bcbsma.com or 1-800-771-4097, option 2.