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Working with Payspan®, Inc., we offer secure electronic funds transfer (EFT), also known as direct deposit, of your organization’s payments for services.

Medical providers are required to be reimbursed by EFT. This includes physicians, clinicians, hospitals, and facilities. For dental providers, EFT is our standard method of payment.

What you can do with Payspan

  • Receive your payments by secure EFT
  • Verify the weekly status of your checks
  • Access claim and payment data 24/7
  • View, print, and search Provider Payment Advisories (PPAs) and Provider Detail Advisories (PDAs)
  • Obtain Account Receivable information.

How to get started

Step Request a registration code and PIN by going to payspanhealth.com/RequestRegCode/. Payspan will email you a registration code.
Step Go to Payspan, click Register Now, and follow the prompts to create your account. You will need:
  • Your registration code
  • Your PIN
  • Your tax ID number (TIN)
  • Your practice or organization’s checking account number and routing number
Your account will have a “pending” status until you complete the validation process described in the next step. The validation process confirms that your Payspan account is associated with the correct bank account.
Step A few days after you create your Payspan account, check your organization’s bank account to learn the exact amount of the small deposit made by Payspan®, Inc.
Step Log on to Payspan, enter the deposit amount, and click Confirm. Your account status will become “active” and Blue Cross’s systems will be updated within three business days. You must complete this step to finish your registration.

For a 90-day period after you register for Payspan, you’ll get paper and electronic Provider Payment and Provider Detail Advisories. After that, you will only get them online through Payspan.

Learn more about Payspan

 Payspan Quick Start

Support from Payspan, Inc.

  • Call 1-877-331-7154
  • Log on to Payspan and go to Help > News Articles.