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Reminder: Don’t include attachments with claims
April 13, 2020

This article is for dentists and oral surgeons caring for our members

We’d like to provide some important claim reminders about attachments:

Who Please remember
Massachusetts-participating dentists:
  • We do not require you submit attachments or documentation with claims unless we request them.
  • We won’t return any unrequested radiographs or attachments that you send to us, and their submission may slow down our claims processing.
  • The following types of claim submissions that do require documentation: 
    • When submitting secondary insurance claim, attach the primary EOB. 
    • When requesting Medically Necessary Orthodontia. For more details, refer to our CDT Dental Procedure Guidelines and Requirements by logging on and going to Office Resources>Policies & Guidelines> Provider Manuals.
  • Out-of-state providers
  • Massachusetts providers submitting an attachment we request
  • Use our vendor, National Electronic Attachments (NEA) to submit attachments.
  • FastAttach accelerates claim processing and eliminates the cost and time involved in duplicating and mailing radiographs and other attachments. 
  • Include the attachment tracking number in the “remarks” field in your electronic claim transaction. We pick up the number and retrieve your attachments from NEA.

About FastAttach

NEA’s HIPAA-compliant, secure, FastAttach®´ website lets you submit any requested radiographs, periodontal charting, intra-oral images, narratives, and EOBs electronically. FastAttach can:

  • Acquire radiographs and other images from multiple sources
  • Offer image enhancement
  • Transfer claim information, eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Provide a tracking number.
To learn about the technical requirements for submitting electronic attachments and to enroll, call NEA at 1-800-782-5150, ext. 2. Or, go to NEA-Fast.com