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Introducing our new medication search tool
May 23, 2019

We’ve recently enhanced our medication coverage search tools for both providers and members. You’ll find the provider tool on the Medication Lookup page of our site. You can use the tool to view our standard formulary of covered medications, which is used by:

  • Members with a commercial medical plan with pharmacy benefits
  • Medex members who have a three-tier pharmacy benefit

What's new?
The tool has a brand-new look. You can:

  • View all medications on our covered list of medications (formulary)
  • Sort by non-covered medications and those that require prior authorization
  • Get links to standard prior authorization eForms

Additional features

  • View covered alternatives for non-covered medications
  • Learn about additional coverage requirements, such as step therapy, quality care dosing, and medications that are required to be filled at a specialty pharmacy
  • Check coverage by different plan benefit levels. For example, you can view coverage for a 3-tier plan (our most common).

Contact Clinical Pharmacy Operations at 1-800-366-7778.

Sort medications by the number of benefit tiers the member has as part of their plan.


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