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Personalized care & support for members diagnosed with diabetes
June 30, 2023

This article is for certified diabetes educators, primary care providers, endocrinologists, nurse practitioners, optometrists, ophthalmologists, physician assistants, podiatrists, and other providers caring for patients diagnosed with diabetes.

We’re presenting members diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with care options to help them stay healthy. Using claims data and other analytics, we identify eligible members and suggest personalized care solutions—including our latest—Virta Health, an independent company. These solutions complement the care you already provide to your patients.

Benjamin Kruskal, MD, PhD
Blue Cross medical director, clinical integration.

"More than 80,000 of our commercial members have type 2 diabetes. They’re looking to their health plan for guidance and recommendations on support for their condition and flexible options. At the same time, we hear from clinicians who have been stretched thin since the pandemic and need support caring for complex patients outside the clinic,” said Dr. Benjamin Kruskal, Blue Cross medical director of clinical integration.

Adds Kruskal, “That’s why we’re offering several care solutions that serve as adjuncts to the regular care our members receive from their clinicians. Virta Health and our diabetes offerings don’t replace care members are receiving from their regular providers—they serve as an extension of the practice.”

What are the care solutions?

  • Virta Health. Through a mobile app and a clinical support team, Virta helps commercial adult members to reverse their type 2 diabetes with nutrition therapy, physician care, education, and coaching. Coordinating with primary care, Virta will serve as just one arm of a member’s care team. Eligible Blue Cross members can choose both a traditional provider and Virta’s virtual care team of endocrinologists, nurses, certified diabetes educators, and coaches. Members can enroll with Virta or learn more by going to virtahealth.com/join/bcbsma.
  • Offered to commercial HMO/POS and PPO members, except for Federal Employee Program members. Eligible members must have a smartphone to participate.
  • Livongo, a virtual diabetes management program that helps adults with type 1 or 2 diabetes to take control of their condition and treatment by introducing a connected blood glucose meter, personalized analytics, and access to coaching, including certified diabetes educators.
  • Transform Diabetes Care, which supports adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes with glucose and blood pressure monitoring, preventive screenings, medication optimization and adherence, and lifestyle and nutrition management. Support is offered through CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic, and CVS HealthHub locations, as well as remote options.
  • Offered through our pharmacy benefit manager as a standard benefit to self-insured accounts who use our pharmacy benefits.

Learn more on our care management page.

Note: As we add more care solutions for diabetes and other chronic conditions, we’ll continue to revise this page.

How will members receive information?

We’re creating an online experience through our MyBlue websites, bluecrossma.org. This includes:

  • Our diabetes resource page.
  • Targeting eligible members when they sign in to the MyBlue portal directing them to the best care solution for them.
    If they don’t have a primary care physician, we also remind them to choose one.

This summer we may conduct additional outreach.

What can providers do?

  • Encourage participation. If your patient receives communications about participating with Livongo, Transform Diabetes Care, or Virta, please encourage them to join if you think they may benefit from this additional support.
  • Receive and review information on your patient’s progress. Let your patient know that you’d like to receive progress reports from the member’s care solution (for example, patients are typically given an option of which providers to share information with about their clinical progress).
  • Let members know they can call us for more information using the Member Service number listed on their ID card.


To learn more about these options, contact your network representative by calling 1-800-316-BLUE (2583).