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In the “Current” tab, you’ll find news published during the past year. Use the “Archive” tab to view news going back an additional two years.

9/1/21 Reminder: Allow time for appeals to be reviewed
9/1/21 Provider directories: Practice location limitation
8/31/21 Dentists are thrilled with new Dental Connect features
7/30/21 Use Online Services to find next routine vision exam eligibility
7/27/21 Electronic claim submission: coordination of benefits reminders
7/16/21 Are you missing the convenience of electronic payments?
7/12/21 Email us for enrollment and credentialing issues
6/28/21 Vax Express: Working to derail COVID-19
6/23/21 Learn about our eTools without logging on
5/12/21 Are you missing the convenience of electronic payments?
5/8/21 Changes to our InterQual page
5/4/21 Get started – or restarted -- with newly improved Dental Connect
5/3/21 Use Authorization Manager to submit medical medication requests
4/13/21 Register for Dental Connect now
4/13/21 Authorization Manager: tips and benefits
4/8/21 Patients need your help when looking for care
4/1/21 Email us when you have credentialing or enrollment questions
3/31/21 HEDIS 2021 medical record collection ends April 23
3/18/21 Monthly communications aim to reduce vaccine hesitancy
3/9/21 Medicare Advantage telehealth cost share & COVID-19 vaccine billing
2/16/21 We’re helping to fund free rides for COVID-19 vaccine access
2/16/21 How to submit authorization requests while we resolve system technical issues
2/12/21 Facts may help patients understand and embrace COVID-19 vaccine
2/12/21 Provider reimbursement for COVID-19 vaccination administration codes are available
2/11/21 COVID-19 Information page updates: Cognitive rehab, testing coverage, and diagnosis codes
2/4/21 Updated billing guidelines and fees for COVID-19 lab testing codes
2/2/21 Reminder: HEDIS 2021 medical record collection begins now
1/22/21 Dental manuals and fee schedules revised for 2021
1/15/21 Updates to COVID-19 vaccine administration codes and pharmaceutical treatment
1/11/21 Authorization Manager to go live February 15
12/17/20 OT and PT practices: Short video shows how to check benefits
12/9/20 Updates to Medicare Advantage services effective Jan 1
11/20/20 Updates to Provider Central
10/16/20 Preparing for HEDIS 2021 medical record collection
9/30/20 COVID-19: Inpatient acute care auth requirements waived until Dec 31
9/29/20 Behavioral health providers: You’re invited to an Oct 28 webinar
9/28/20 Need help with Payspan? Join a webinar or see a short tutorial