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Betsy Lehman Center offers peer support for health care professionals
October 24, 2023

This article is for all providers caring for our members

The Betsy Lehman Center is a state agency that works to improve the safety of health care across the state.

As you know, the realities of working in health care can drive professionals to face burnout and mental health challenges. Many health care professionals are confronted with excessive workloads and administrative burdens, all while managing their patient care throughout a worldwide pandemic.

If you are feeling burned out or feel you could use support, the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety can help.

The Center has created a Virtual Peer Support Network available for free to Massachusetts’ medical community, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory and radiologic technologists, public safety officers, environmental services, office staff, and more. Interactions are one-on-one, with a professional in a similar role, outside of your organization. All communication is confidential.

"This program can help bridge gaps among all health professionals; we’re all in this together. You never know how a shared experience can help one of your peers cope with the kind of stressful situations that are happening every day. Talking it through can help you learn how to better manage those day-to-day struggles.”
– Dr. Ben Kruskal, Medical Director for Clinical Integration, Health & Medical Management at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

How do I start?

If you’d like to request a peer supporter:

  • Complete this form and someone from the Betsy Lehman Center will get back to you in 1-2 business days.
  • Call the Betsy Lehman Center at 1-617-701-8101.

Thank you

Being on the frontline isn’t easy, so we thank you for all that you do in providing care to those that need it most.


Virtual Peer Support Network information sheet