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ConnectCenter Tips: Patient information
June 16, 2022

This article is for providers who currently use Online Services for real-time transactions and 1500 claim submission

Every time you check a member’s eligibility status in ConnectCenter, the results are stored in your Eligibility History. Your History can then be used as a patient list – a starting point that helps you save time with claims and real-time transactions.

The Eligibility History page is most useful if you perform eligibility inquiries with the patient’s name (and date of birth) rather than their ID number. Including the patient’s name enables ConnectCenter to populate this information into the History page, making the correct transaction easier to identify.

To access previous eligibility results:

  1. Go to Verification>Search Eligibility History.
  2. If you would like to limit your results, complete a field such as Last Name. You can leave all fields empty if you choose. (Note that the default search limits your results to inquiries with a Requested Date in the previous 30 days.)
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the link that says “Successful” in the row for the appropriate member.
  5. Your results from that date of service will re-appear. (To perform a new eligibility inquiry, enter a new date of service.)
  6. Open the “Select Transaction” menu. You can choose to enter a professional claim or a referral, or you can inquire on the status of a claim or referral. (For authorizations, use Authorization Manager.)

      The first time you create a claim for a patient, begin with eligibility results. Create future claims for the patient by copying a previous claim. (Be sure to choose a claim that was accepted by Blue Cross.) To do this, search for the claim by going to Claims>Claim Search. You can click the “Copy claim” icon in your results.
  7. After you select a transaction, the "Use Member For" button will light up. Click the button to transfer the member’s information to the new screen.


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