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Dental Information Center is now Dental Provider Services
September 18, 2019

This article is intended for dental providers caring for our members

We’ve renamed the team of associates who respond to calls from dental providers. Formerly known as the Dental Information Center, this team of associates now answers to Dental Provider Services.

We’ve updated Provider Central with this change. Our online Dental Blue Book will be updated in 2020.

You can answer most questions with our provider etools

Before you call Dental Provider Services, remember that you can use our provider etools to resolve many issues. Our Dental Connect() technology allows you to: 

  • Verify member eligibility and benefits
  • View member benefit dollars used to-date and deductible remaining, if applicable
  • Obtain claim status, including pending claims
  • Create reports.

And you can manage your payments using Payspan(), our free, secure, web-based system for tracking and managing Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments and claims data. Benefits of using Payspan include the ability to:

  • Access funds three business days after claim is finalized
  • View your Provider Payment Advisories (PPAs) and Provider Detail Advisories (PDAs) online
  • Search for payments and 18 months of claim history
  • Reduce mail and trips to the bank.

Billing electronically reduces administrative costs and paperwork for your office and improves the accuracy of billing and posting information. If you prefer not to use an electronic clearinghouse to submit your claims, you can set up electronic data interchange with us through our Direct Connection() tool.

Please call Dental Provider Services at 1-800-882-1178 if you have questions about member benefits, eligibility, or claims.


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