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Have your billing agency register for Provider Central
September 28, 2017

Did you know your billing agency can get signed up for Provider Central? By following a few simple steps, they can register and work on your behalf.

What can your billing agency do when they use our site?

  • Download your fee schedule
  • Use Online Services to check eligibility, benefits, and the status of your claims
  • Get news and updates from us
  • Check policies and procedures for submitting claims and payment that are only available by logging in

How to register

Step To get started, you—the provider—will first need to be registered for Provider Central so you can give your billing agent permission to work on your behalf.
Step Employees at your billing agency create their personal profile for Provider Central. This means they’ll give us their name and email address, and they’ll create a username and password.
Step Next, the billing agency adds their company to their user account. Then, they follow the prompts to request permission from you, the provider organization, to get access.

The billing agency requests access from the Provider Central administrator following the prompts.

  The system will send an email to your Provider Central administrator(s) to request access. The Provider Central administrator sets up the Provider Central account for the organization or practice. We suggest having more than one administrator.
Step The Provider Central administrator gives the billing agency access. You can update that access at any time.
  The user at the billing agency will get an email when access to Provider Central is granted, so they know they can start using Provider Central.

Sample email the billing agency user receives when access is granted.

Get more help
If you need additional step-by-step instructions, get our Provider Central Registration Quick Tip.

If you work for a billing agency:
We only provide claim status and eligibility information electronically. Ask the provider office you work for to sign up for Provider Central (if they aren’t already) so you can also register. If you work for multiple provider offices, you’ll only need to set up your Provider Central profile once and then request permission from each office to use Provider Central on their behalf.

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