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Our IP addresses for email are changing: What you need to know
September 4, 2020

This article is for all Provider Central users

Please route to your Information Technology (IT) area as needed

On September 20, 2020, we are migrating to two new IP addresses:,  This change affects email only and will not impact your Provider Central access.

What does this mean?

While we’re doing all we can to minimize any disruption to the emails you receive from us, some email service providers could now incorrectly identify our emails as spam, or block them entirely. This is rare, but if that happens, it just means that you will need to add our two new IP addresses (, to your organization’s “white list.”

What is a white list?

It’s a security feature that includes the IP addresses you want to receive emails from.

What do I need to do?

If, after September 20, you notice our emails are being identified as spam, or you stop receiving emails from us, please forward this information to your IT or Security team and ask them to add and to your organization’s white list.