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Our medical policy site has a new look
September 17, 2020

Our site's medical policy area now has a brand-new look and new features. Although we’ve re-organized the site into different pages, you still have access to medical policies alphabetically, by category, or by performing a search. You’ll also  learn about our monthly updates to the policies and how you can review and comment on them.

We've added a new Medicare Advantage Management policy (132) with links to National Coverage Determinations and Local Coverage Determinations.

If you’re looking for medical policies for our Federal Employee Program members, you can continue to find them at fepblue.org.

What you'll find on the site

Tip: If you type the CPT or HCPCS code into the search window of the medical policy section of our site (as shown below), you can find any policies that apply.

Please note: Not otherwise classified (NOC) codes are not always listed within our policies. Type in a keyword to search for services that use a NOC code.


Contact ebr@bcbsma.com.

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