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Patient suffix to be optional in chiropractic authorization tool
May 30, 2019

WholeHealth Networks, Inc., a Tivity Health company, is updating the Rapid Response System (the tool you use to request chiropractic authorizations). The Patient Suffix # field of the tool will be an optional field (see screenshot) as of July 1, 2019

This change helps us prepare for the removal of the two-digit family identifier suffix on our ID cards, which we will phase in starting in June. We notified you about the ID card change in an April 1 News Alert.

To read the News Alert, log in and go to News>Claims, Coding, Payment. Look for the headline, "We’re phasing in a change to member ID cards" next to the April 1, 2019 date.

What to do in June for members who don’t have a suffix on their ID card
Although WholeHealth Networks is making the change to the Rapid Response system on July 1, a small number of members may receive their updated ID cards (without the suffix) in June.

If you need the member suffix to enter into the Patient Suffix # field of the Rapid Response System during that period, please request it from our Provider Service area by calling 1-800-882-2060.

Learn more about the chiropractic authorization program
You can get information about members included in the chiropractic authorization program, learn how to request authorization, and more on our Chiropractic Services page. Log in and go to Clinical Resources>Prior Authorization>Chiropractic Services.


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