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Payment policy access and our news format are changing
November 27, 2019

We’re scheduling the following updates to Provider Central on December 17, 2019.

Payment policies will require log in to access

We’ve decided to make our payment policies available to our participating providers by logging in to Provider Central. Once logged in, you’ll find them in the Office Resources tab (where you find them today).

Our News page will offer new features

Based on feedback we’ve received from our readers, we’ll add several features to the News page of our site. This will make it easier to view and sort news articles—all in one place—instead of looking at different pages of the site based on the category of news.

Readers have also asked for the ability to search, so you can now search for both current news (within the last 12 months) and archived news.

When you log in, you’ll also be able to sort by News Alert (contractual news).

This example shows what a provider who is logged in will see. Notice that you can:

  • Sort by News Alert, date, headline, or category of news
  • Perform a search of both current and archived news.


Please contact your network representative at 1-800-316-BLUE (2583).


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