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Reminder: You need to submit requests via Authorization Manager
September 8, 2023

This article is for all providers caring for our members

As a reminder, all providers are required to submit initial authorization requests and inquiries electronically through Authorization Manager rather than by phone or fax as of June 1, 2023 for our commercial (HMO, PPO) and Federal Employee Program (FEP) members.

Despite our required use of the portal, we have still been receiving some requests via phone and fax. This is a reminder that you must submit using Authorization Manager in order for us to process your request. We do not accept any other methods of submission. Authorization Manager is the most efficient method to submit requests, and it’s available 24/7 at no additional cost via single sign-on through Provider Central!

To read our original News Alert announcing this mandate, log in and click News. Scroll down to the February 1 communication: “Submit referrals, authorization requests, and inquiries electronically starting June 1.”

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Advantages of using Authorization Manager

Authorization Manager allows you to review authorization requirements, request authorizations, check existing case status, and view or print the decision letter. This tool also allows you to:

  • Search member-specific authorization requirements by code.
  • Check the status of requests regardless of how they were submitted.
  • Upload additional clinical documentation to an existing case.
  • Enter a transaction within minutes. By the time you call and talk to a service representative, you could have entered an authorization request!

We’re here to help

Please send an email to us at hmmauthorizationmanager@bcbsma.com with any questions you may have about Authorization Manager.