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Take a few minutes to clean up your Provider Central account
June 28, 2019

What’s a Provider Central account administrator?
An account administrator approves new users to your organization’s (or practice’s) Provider Central account. The Provider Central administrator also gives users access to eTools, such as Online Services. 

We recommend having two people serve as Provider Central account administrators, in case one leaves your organization or isn’t available. Learn more.

What should I do if our Provider Central account administrator isn’t with our organization any longer?
You can contact our Provider Self-Service team for help. Email providercentral@bcbsma.com. Or, call 1-800-771-4097, Option 2 (available Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm).

If you’re an “administrator” of your office Provider Central account, we suggest taking a few minutes to review and clean up your account.

  • Delete users who have left your organization.
  • Make sure email addresses of registered users are correct.
  • Make sure your office has at least two Provider Central administrators.
  • Reminder! Each user should have their own password! Please don’t share passwords!

We appreciate your time in reviewing your Provider Central users. For more tips for Provider Central Administrators, view our Administering Your Organization’s Provider Central Account Quick Tip.

Thank you!


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