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We added a non-binary identifier in our enrollment systems
June 9, 2023

This article is for all providers caring for our members

Effective March 31, 2023, Blue Cross implemented a non-binary gender identifier in our enrollment systems. We believe this is a crucial component of our mission to provide quality, affordable and equitable health care that supports each individual.

While we are ready to accept the non-binary gender identifier, it is not a requirement. It is at the discretion of the employer.

The non-binary identifier will apply to the following products:

  • Commercial products, including dental & vision
  • Medex
  • Dental Blue 65
  • Managed Blue for Seniors

Due to CMS and federal guidelines, the following products were excluded from this update: Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP), Federal Employee Program (FEP).

This is simply informational. You don’t need to do anything at this time.


Call Provider Service at 1-800-882-2060. As always, thank you for the care you provide to your patients—our members.