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Dental benefits for members with intellectual, developmental disabilities
May 2, 2024

This article is for dentists, oral surgeons, neurologists, developmental behavioral pediatricians, and primary care providers caring for our members

Preventive and periodontal services have been connected to improved overall health for members who have specific medical conditions, including intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our recently expanded Enhanced Dental Benefits provides access to additional dental services for members of our dental plans with these conditions.

For more information about the interrelationship between intellectual and developmental disabilities and dental health, see our recent news article, Care for members with intellectual, developmental disabilities.

Enrolled members are eligible for one cleaning or periodontal maintenance service four times per calendar year, fluoride treatment four times per calendar year, and increased oral cancer screening.

How the enrollment process works

The member, or their parent or guardian, must request that their physician or clinician submit an attestation form to qualify for the benefits. You can help your patients by providing them with these resources that can be found on Provider Central’s Oral and Overall Health page :

Members can download the Enhanced Dental Benefits Enrollment Form on MyBlue.