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Enhanced Dental Benefits added for Dental Blue 65
December 4, 2020

This article is for dentists and oral surgeons caring for our members

Effective January 1, 2021, we’re adding Enhanced Dental Benefits to our Dental Blue 65 plans (Dental Blue 65 Preventive, Dental Blue 65 Basic, and Dental Blue 65 Premier). Enhanced Dental Benefits offer full coverage for preventive and periodontal services connected to improving the overall health of members with the conditions shown below. These benefits are paid at 100 percent and are not subject to deductibles, coinsurance, or calendar year maximums when performed by a participating or preferred dental provider.

Condition Four routine cleanings every 12 months Periodontal maintenance cleaning every 3 months* Periodontal scaling once per quadrant every 24 months* Oral cancer screening once every 6 months Fluoride treatment every 3 months



Coronary artery disease






Oral cancer





Sjogren’s syndrome


* Available with plans that offer periodontal maintenance; standard waiting periods apply

Dental Blue 65 members with one of our medical plans will be automatically enrolled once we identify them through claims with a qualifying medical condition. Please ask your Dental Blue 65 members who do not have a Blue Cross medical plan or who would like to self-enroll to have their physician complete a Dental Blue 65 Enhanced Dental Benefits enrollment form