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New Flex Card helps Medicare Advantage members pay for expenses
October 27, 2023

This article is for audiologists, dentists, hearing instrument specialists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, and other providers caring for Medicare Advantage members

Starting in 2024, Medicare Advantage members can use our new Flex Card to securely and easily access some of their plans’ benefits, such as qualifying dental, hearing, and vision expenses, and over-the-counter products.

How does the card work?

The card functions like a debit card. We auto-load the card with money for members to use on eligible products and services. The amount of money the member has on the card to spend, and the benefits on the Flex Card, is based on their plan.

If you accept credit cards, you may see members using the card to pay for their health expenses.

You should always submit a claim for the service first, so the member can take advantage of their health plan benefits before paying out-of-pocket. If the member’s explanation of benefits shows an additional balance is owed, and it’s an expense their Flex Card will cover, then they can use the Flex Card toward the balance.

If the member’s card is declined for an allowed expense, let them know they can call the number on the back of the card to get reimbursed.

Dental, vision, hearing allowance

Depending on their Medicare Advantage plan, members can use their Flex Card to spend up to $700 per year for select dental, vision and hearing services. You can find benefit amounts by plan on the member site.

The allowance a member has is in addition to their plan’s existing dental, vision, and hearing benefits. The dollars do not roll over year-over-year.

Members can use the Flex Card for any out-of-pocket expenses associated with these services (after they’ve presented their membership card):

Comprehensive dental allowance, including fillings, extractions, and dentures

Supplemental vision services, including glasses, frames, and contacts

One hearing aid per ear, per year (batteries included)

Other allowances

The card also offers allowances or awards for:

Over-the counter (OTC) items, such as toothpaste, vitamins, denture cleaner, and more

Fitness to cover health club memberships, fitness classes, and equipment

Weight loss programs

Visiting their doctor for an annual wellness visit and completing a health risk assessment, or in-home
evaluation with Signify.

More information

You can find more information, including allowances by plan, on our member website.

Members can contact Flex Card Member Services directly or use the Member Service number listed on their ID cards.