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Get set-up on notification system for admissions and discharges
February 18, 2022

We’re collaborating with Collective Medical, an independent company that provides real-time admission, discharge, and transfer information to home health providers and other health care facilities, doctors, and health plans nationwide.

Effective immediately and at no cost, home health providers and mental health facilities have an opportunity to connect to an online system that can help with coordination of care. Set-up is also free and includes implementation, training, and licensing.

We have seen outstanding momentum already as some of the largest regional providers have signed on to use the Collective Medical platform.

Sharing this type of patient data using an integrated and collaborative system can help improve communication, care coordination, care transitions, and overall patient care. The system can also help reduce readmissions by giving you clinical visit history information to help with medical decision-making.

We’ll be using Collective’s tool to collaborate on our members and we hope you’ll consider this opportunity to participate with Collective as soon as possible

How does the admission discharge transfer notification system work?

The Collective Post Acute®' tool can track patient admissions, discharges, and transfers—all in one system. The network and real-time notifications focus on improving care coordination, transitions of care, and reducing avoidable hospital readmissions through the emergency department. As an example, you will be notified in real-time when a member presents at the emergency department.

Why is Blue Cross working with Collective?

We believe this communication exchange can benefit you and your patients. Collective has been working with Massachusetts acute care hospitals since last year and is now enrolling skilled nursing facilities and mental health and home health facilities.

Once you start using the admission discharge transfer notification system, all members of the patient’s care team who are enrolled with the system can coordinate and share information (in compliance with HIPAA privacy rules). This includes Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts clinical teams who support our members with case management and other programs.

How to get more information

You can join at no cost which includes implementation, training, and support. This is a tool for us to collaborate more closely and improve patient care.

For more information about Collective or to schedule a demo, visit collectivemedical.com or email networkactivation@collectivemedical.com.