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Home Infusion Therapy

About our Home Infusion Therapy network

Our network of home infusion therapy providers offers a range of safe, convenient, cost-effective infusion services to our members.

  • Specialized pharmacists provide compounded medications or nutrition for individual patients according to their personalized care plan developed with the patient, their caregivers, and their physician or medical team.
  • Medications are delivered to your patient’s home where specialized nurses teach them how to manage their nutritional and biologic treatments while solely focused on monitoring their advanced home care.
  • If your patient has questions, help is available 24/7 from their home infusion therapy provider.

Learn more about referrals and authorizations for this service.

Why consider home infusion therapy

Here are some ways to talk to your patients about the benefits of home infusion therapy.

Convenience. Home infusion therapy allows your patients to receive treatment wherever it’s needed—in the home, at work, or in the setting of their choice—from experienced nurses and pharmacists.

Costs. Home infusion therapy is often less costly than other sites of care, so your patient could save money by switching.

Time. Your patients can save time spent commuting to their treatment. Many patients appreciate being able to receive their infusion at home where they spend time working or relaxing.

Patient handout

 Use our Home Infusion Therapy Member Fact Sheet to describe the process to members.

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