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Select Home Delivery

Select Home Delivery is a standard benefit for many HMO Blue members. Members who have this benefit feature are required to make a choice between using a retail pharmacy or using Express Scripts, Inc.’s (ESI) Mail Service Pharmacy for the list of medications below.

 Maintenance Medication List

If the member wants to keep their prescription at a retail pharmacy, they need to call ESI.

A member can have two prescriptions filled at a retail pharmacy before they are required to make a decision whether to use the Mail Service Pharmacy or stay at their retail pharmacy. This lets members’ doctors adjust their medication if they are just starting on the prescription.

Members typically pay less when they use the mail service pharmacy.

How it works

After each of the first two courtesy fills, the member will get a letter from ESI about their Select Home Delivery benefit. Additional refills will not be covered at the retail  pharmacy if the member does not contact ESI to make a choice between retail or mail order.

To transition to the Mail Service Pharmacy before the third prescription fill, members must do one of the following:

  • Ask their health care provider to prescribe medication(s) for a 90-day supply, plus refills. The provider can use e-prescribing to submit the prescription to ESI Mail Order.
  • Contact our Member Service (using the number on their ID card) to get a form to send to ESI’s Mail Service Pharmacy. They’ll need to allow 14 days for delivery from the date the order was sent.
  • Call ESI’s Mail Service Pharmacy at 1-800-698-3757. Representatives will coordinate the prescription request with the member’s prescriber, as needed.
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