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Smart90 Retail Network

Smart90® retail network for self-insured employers

We offer self-insured employers (with 100 employees or more) pharmacy network options to fill prescriptions for maintenance medications on our Maintenance Medication List.

All other medications can be filled at an Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) participating pharmacy.

About the benefit

If an employer chooses the Smart90 network of pharmacies, they can offer either a voluntary or exclusive program as described below.

Members who have one of these networks will get communications from ESI when filling prescriptions for their maintenance medication. We recommend that they share this information with their prescriber.

Network option What it offers
CVS 90-day retail Voluntary program (member choice)
  • Get a 90-day supply of the maintenance medication at the Express Scripts PharmacySM (mail service) or CVS pharmacy for less than it would cost for three 30-day supplies.
  • Continue to fill a 30-day supply at any participating pharmacy.

Exclusive program

  • Get the first two fills of medication (on the list) through any participating retail pharmacy.

After the initial two fills, the member will need to either:

  • Get a 90-day supply through:
    • The Express Scripts PharmacySM (mail service) or
    • CVS pharmacy.
  • Pay 100% of the cost of the medication if using a pharmacy other than Express Scripts (mail service) or CVS.1

Note: A 90-day supply costs less than what it would cost for three 30-day supplies.

Walgreens 90-day retail The voluntary and exclusive programs are the same as above, only the member has the choice of using a Walgreens pharmacy, instead of CVS.

1. Medications on the Maintenance Medication List used to treat an acute condition can be filled at any ESI-participating pharmacy. Medications that are not on the list can also be filled at any ESI participating pharmacy.

How to write prescriptions for the Mail Service Pharmacy


  • If you e-prescribe, please transmit the prescription to ESI Mail Order.

Options for the member:

Once the member has a prescription from you, they have several options for submitting the prescription to the Mail Service Pharmacy and should allow 14 days for delivery from the date the order was sent:

  • Web. The member can go directly to the Express Scripts Pharmacy website, www.starthomedelivery.com.
  • Phone. The member can call ESI at 1-877-509-5883 and a representative will assist the member in getting started, including coordinating the prescription request with the member’s prescriber, as needed.
  • Mail. The member can call Member Service (using the number on their ID card) to request a mail service order form (includes postage paid envelope).

Certain controlled substances and other prescribed medications may be subject to dispensing limitations and to the professional judgment of the pharmacist. Opioid prescriptions cannot be filled through the Mail Service Pharmacy.

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