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Thinking about registering? Watch a 1-minute video of Provider Central highlights.

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Who can register?
  • Providers contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (medical and dental providers)
  • Management or office staff at a provider practice or organization
  • Billing agencies that work on behalf of a participating provider

Providers: do you work with a billing agency?
Your security is important to us. Ask your billing agency to create a Provider Central account and request association with yours. Then you can administer access as needed.

How do I register?

Register for our site in two steps. Our Quick Start Guides walk you through the process.

If you are Get our quick start guide
Registering for the site  Registration Quick Start Guide
The person at your practice or organization who will administer the Provider Central account. We suggest designating at least two people for this task. Provider Central administrators can:
  • Invite other staff to register under your practice or organization’s account
  • Approve a billing agency to use Provider Central on your behalf
 Provider Central Account Administrators Quick Start Guide

What do I get when I register?
  • eTools to help you perform transactions, such as checking benefits and eligibility, entering referrals, checking the status of your authorizations, and more.
     Get an overview of the technologies we offer
  • News we’re contractually required to notify you about that’s only available by logging in
  • A My Alerts inbox with reminders, updates, and links to News Alerts (contractual news)
  • Fee schedules

Get important news delivered to you

We offer some of our news to users who aren’t logged into our site. However, we encourage you to register to get:

  • Regularly scheduled emails delivered to your inbox – called a News Recap—that gives you links to news articles we’ve published (sent monthly to medical providers; quarterly for dentists)
  • Contractual news, or News Alerts. These only get posted for registered users because they are specific to your specialty. This is news about claims payment and reimbursement policies, fee schedule updates, and prior authorization programs—to name a few.

Log in and click the News tab to read your News Alerts. They are marked with a red exclamation point.

We will send you an email each time a News Alert is posted, so please keep your email address up to date in our system. To do this, you can click My Profile.

Your secure home page

To manage your Alerts, Profile, or Organization, click a link under the search box.

Helpful website tips and resources
For help with Use this resource
Authorization information
Electronic tools
Checking medical eligibility, claim status by phone using InfoDial (toll-free recorded phone system)
Claim information
Credentialing and recredentialing
Medical policies (medical necessity and clinical coverage criteria)
Payment policies (how we reimburse providers)
  • Log in and go to Office Resources>Policies & Guidelines>Payment Policies