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Dental Connect

Dental Connect is our online portal for dental eligibility, benefit, and claims information. Dental Connect will give your faster answers for questions about members’ specific benefits.

All dental providers – including those who participate in our National Dental Network – can now get the information you need online at no cost. Check benefits and eligibility at your convenience, any time of the day or night.


  • Claims history. Check the last time a procedure was performed. For example, you can check when the member had their last cleaning and full mouth x-rays.
  • Check benefits. You can look up specific benefits by service type or by entering the specific CDT procedure codes. For example, you can look up the member’s benefit for periodontics by choosing “periodontics” from a pull-down menu or by entering in a periodontal procedure code, such as D4910.
  • View benefit frequency limitations. Our benefit response has been enhanced to include frequency limitations that are part of a member’s benefit design when you enter a service by the specific CDT procedure code (For example, D2750 crown benefit is one time per 60 months).
  • Deductible remaining. View member benefit dollars used to-date and deductible remaining, if applicable.

How to get started

Go to Dental Connect. When registering, use partner code BCMA01DPS to enable Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to sponsor monthly fees for this service for our members.

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