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Claims, Coding, Payment

In the “Current” tab, you’ll find news published during the past year. Use the “Archive” tab to view news going back an additional two years.

5/1/18      Venipuncture reported with Labs or E&M service
4/25/18      Use the Member ID when submitting dental claims
4/18/18      Advanced Bionics is now in-network for cochlear implant supplies
4/13/18      New messages on your electronic 277CA and submitter reports
3/30/18      Second quarter hospital outpatient drug fee schedule posted
3/27/18      Avoid denied claims: custom benefits and eligibility checks
2/13/18      Billing for services rendered to family members
12/22/17      2018 List of durable medical equipment codes we reimburse
12/19/17      Get the best results from your eligibility check
11/7/17      What to do about a dental claim overpayment
11/1/17      Moderate sedation reimbursement update
10/16/17      Speech-language pathologists: Billing for time-based therapy codes
10/12/17      Coding for beta-blocker treatment after a heart attack
10/12/17      Two new CDT codes for sedation from the ADA
9/27/17      October 2017 hospital outpatient drug fee schedule posted
9/18/17      Request adjustments for 21st Century Cures Act DME claims
9/6/17      Rejected dental claims: How to request a review or appeal
8/23/17      Autism Services payment policy clarification
7/24/17      2017 Surgical Day Care list updated
6/30/17      Billing for physician services to hospice patients
6/23/17      July 2017 hospital outpatient drug fee schedule posted
6/22/17      Your claims: How to check their status and fix rejected ones
6/16/17      Improving your experience accessing our policies
6/13/17      Introducing code D4346 (Scaling in the presence of inflammation)
6/1/17      Moderate sedation update
5/31/17      State-supplied vaccines reminder
5/30/17      Submit modifiers in correct order
5/23/17      How to submit dental claims electronically
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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)