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Claims, Coding, Payment

In the “Current” tab, you’ll find news published during the past year. Use the “Archive” tab to view news going back an additional two years.

10/1/19 Fourth quarter hospital outpatient drug fee schedule posted
9/30/19 Bill us first for hearing aids and vision services
9/26/19 Appealing a denial? Use our code for faster claim review
9/3/19 Medicare crossover claim issue
8/19/19 New incentive program for small primary care groups
8/19/19 Overpayments for Anthem members happened the week of July 22
7/1/19 Third quarter hospital outpatient drug fee schedule posted
6/14/19 Autism payment policy update for CPT 97152
6/7/19 The importance of documenting chronic conditions
5/17/19 Submit replacements for all claims starting June 1
4/29/19 Avoiding claims rejected for NPI-Tax ID mismatch
4/1/19 Second quarter hospital outpatient drug fee schedule posted
3/31/19 Updated payment policies now available
3/21/19 Reminder to bill only under certified nurse midwife’s NPI
2/15/19 Acupuncture payment policy now available
1/9/19 Interim steps for psychological and neuropsychological testing form
1/1/19 Added code to list of durable medical equipment we reimburse
12/24/18 Billing change for assessments and reassessments
11/30/18 Billing for autism services starting January 1, 2019
11/30/18 Psychological and neuropsychological testing codes being updated
11/30/18 Updates to codes for central nervous system assessments and tests
10/16/18 No authorization required for uncomplicated deliveries