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Help your dental patients who have Sjögren’s Syndrome
October 25, 2021

For dentists caring for our members

We offer Dental Blue patients with certain diagnoses additional oral health benefits to help control the management of their condition and its side effects. Last year, we expanded the list of covered conditions to include stroke and Sjögren’s syndrome.  We previously reviewed the incidence of stroke and how oral health plays a role in its management.  This article will focus on Sjögren’s syndrome.

Source: https://www.sjogrens.org/understanding-sjogrens/symptoms

How are Sjögren’s syndrome and oral health linked?

Sjögren’s syndrome occurs when a person’s immune system attacks both the glands that produce tears and the salivary ducts, causing dry eyes and mouth. Since many other conditions may also cause these symptoms, it is hard to tell the exact incidence of Sjögren’s syndrome, but experts estimate that this condition may occur in about 1% of the population. It affects many more women than men and usually—but not always—develops in middle adulthood.

The dry mouth caused by Sjögren’s syndrome can cause difficulty in speaking, tasting food, or swallowing. And because saliva helps protect the teeth and the tissues of the oral cavity, people with Sjögren’s syndrome are at increased risk of tooth decay, oral infections, and a higher risk of oral cancer.

What enhanced benefits do we offer?

Dental members with a diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome are eligible for cleanings or periodontal maintenance visits four times a year instead of the usual two. These individuals are also eligible for fluoride treatments four time per year and enhanced pre-diagnostic oral cancer screenings twice per year.

How members can enroll

When we can identify members who have Sjögren’s syndrome through their medical claims, we reach out to enroll them in the Enhanced Dental Benefits program. For dental members with other medical insurance, the patient or the patient’s caregiver can enroll by downloading an application (also in "Resources" below) and working with their health care provider to complete and return the form. Once enrolled, the member will be eligible for all of the benefits mentioned above.

We appreciate the dental care that you provide to all of our members. When you see a Dental Blue member with any condition covered by the Enhanced Dental Benefits program, please encourage them to sign up for these additional benefits to maintain their oral and overall health.


 Enhanced Dental Benefit Enrollment Form
 Dental Blue 65 Enhanced Dental Benefit Enrollment Form