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Office Resources

Billing & Reimbursement
Learn how to appeal and resubmit claims that have been rejected
Get billing guidelines and other resources to help you submit your claims
Learn what you need to do to submit claims
Find out how to coordinate payment with a member’s other insurers
Get your latest fee schedule(s)
Get average wholesale price on medications you administer
Get information and resources about our payments to you

Learn the steps you need to take to enroll with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Apply to contract with us
Find information on the credentialing and recredentialing process
Get privileged for diagnostic imaging services (professional and technical components) and endovenous ablation

Plans & Products
Learn about the medical, dental, and pharmacy products we offer
Find out about BlueCard and out-of-area programs for Blue Cross Blue Shield members nationwide
Use our look-up tool to locate medical and dental providers

Policies & Guidelines
Access medical policies on clinical and pharmacy topics
Payment policies help you understand the way a submitted claim for service will be processed and paid.
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