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Billing Guidelines & Resources

Here are some billing guidelines & resources. Registered Provider Central users can access additional resources on the site.

Claim Guidelines

Paper Claims: 1500 Billing Guidelines for Professional Providers

Paper Claims: UB-04 Billing Guidelines for Facility Providers

Electronic Claims: 837 Companion Guide

Billing Specific Services

Chiropractic services

Durable medical equipment

Urgent Care Center Billing Guidelines

General Billing Guidelines & Resources

Assisting At Surgery Codes

Biologically based ICD-9 Diagnosis Categories

Site of Service Differentials

InfoDial Guide

Providers Not Contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Providers who are not contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts should access the Billing Dispute Resolution Reviewer. This has been provided by MES Solutions as directed by the Love Settlement Agreement. MES offers three simple and easy ways to submit Billing Disputes for independent review.

Participating providers should follow their existing dispute procedures through the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.

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