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Claim Submission

Here’s some information on how to submit claims to us. For additional details and links to tools to check the status of your claims, log in and go to Office Resources>Claim Submission.

How to submit claims to us

  Electronic Paper
Submission method Direct connection
Online Services (Direct Data Entry)
Learn more about these tools when you log in and go to eTools.
Mail the red 1500 or UB-04 paper claim form
Guidelines Make sure you access the latest version of these guidelines. Revisions we make are noted on the last page of each document.

For UB-04 billing guidelines, go to the National Uniform Billing Committee or American Hospital Association websites.


Submitting a replacement claim (for a fully denied claim)

If Then
Your claim fully denied and you want to make a correction
(Fully denied means no lines on the claim paid.)
Submit a replacement claim to:
  • Correct the date of service, diagnosis, procedure, or modifiers
  • Correct patient data (some exceptions apply)
  • Make changes to your original claim, plus add new charges for services not previously submitted

We do not accept appeals for fully denied claims in writing or by phone.

See our guidelines above to learn more about electronic claim submission.

If you cannot submit your replacement claim electronically, you can mail your:

1500 replacement claim to:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
P.O. Box 986020
Boston, MA 02298

UB-04 replacement claim to:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
P.O. Box 986015
Boston, MA 02298

Get answers to frequently asked questions about when to submit a replacement claim.


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