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Join Our Dental Networks

Our networks

We offer a comprehensive suite of Dental Blue® products to meet the needs of our members and accounts, including both traditional, broad access products and Dental Blue PPO.

For more information about the plans and products we offer, please see the Plans & Products section of our website.

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Benefits of becoming a participating Dental Blue dentist

Competitive reimbursement

  • We offer competitive, market-driven reimbursement; participating providers can review their fee schedule online 24/7.

Access to nearly 1 million members

  • Over 90% of Dental Blue members who were surveyed report satisfaction with their dentist and say that they see their dentist as a partner in helping them maintain their overall health.
  • BCBSMA has over 50 years’ experience offering dental benefits to members from a brand name they can trust.
  • We retain current members as our membership continues to grow.

Strong commitment to serving providers

Nine out of ten dentists would recommend participation in our networks. Here's some of the reasons why:

  • Our dedicated Dental Blue Dental Network Management team provides personalized and invaluable service to our network of dentists and their staff, and our state-of-the-art contracting and credentialing processes speed the enrollment process.
  • Participating provides are listed in our on-line provider directories so members find easily select you.
  • We have dental-dedicated representatives who only handle dental member benefit, eligibility and claim inquiries.
  • Our Provider Central website offers customized news and information for your specialty and lets you access:
  • Members value our rollover benefits, which lets them roll over a set dollar amount of their unused annual dental benefits for use in a future year, letting you offer them more valuable services.

Ability to integrate oral and overall health

  • Our industry-leading "Total Health Solution" program integrates both medical and dental disease management to consider the member’s oral health as part of their overall health. Total Health Solutions is available for members with coronary artery disease, diabetes, oral cancer, stroke, Sjogren’s syndrome, and women who are pregnant to enable them to receive the evidence-based dental care they need to support their overall health.
    • Eligible members can receive additional benefits including extra cleanings, periodontal maintenance, and pre-diagnostic screenings and fluoride treatment (for members with an oral cancer history). These benefits are paid at 100% and outside of the member’s annual maximum, reducing financial barriers to receiving care.
    • Our expertise in both medical and dental benefits administration allows us to identify members who may benefit from additional dental care and added support to help keep them healthy.
How to join
Step Apply to contract with us.
  • Complete this form.
  • Call Dental Network Management at 1-800-882-1178, Option 4. Or email us at DentalNetworkRequests@bcbsma.com.
    Dental providers joining the Medicare Advantage and PPO networks, and oral & maxillofacial surgeons, need to be credentialed.
  • Read your contract. Complete all sections, sign, date, and return to us.
  • Receive your welcome letter from us.
Step Register for our provider website.
Step Set up direct deposit.
  • Go to payspanhealth.com to set up direct deposit of your reimbursement and online payment advisories via Payspan (the vendor we use to deliver these to you electronically).
Step Take action to submit claims electronically.
  • We can arrange for a direct connection or you can use a clearinghouse to submit claims electronically. Oral surgeons can submit medical claims electronically using Online Services, a tool we offer at no cost to you. 
  • To set up a direct connection with us, contact our EDI support team at EDISupport@bcbsma.com.

Enrollment questions

Questions about enrollment or the status of your contracting application? Call Dental Network Management at 1-800-882-1178, Option 4.