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Technical diagnostic imaging

Members who need certain technical diagnostic imaging services may save money using a freestanding technical diagnostic imaging provider in our network. These providers offer high-quality services frequently at a more affordable rate. Here are some of the services they offer:

Service category Provider Telephone #
MRI Alliance Imaging 800-883-7225*
Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) 888-201-5920
Shields Healthcare 800-258-4674
PET Alliance Imaging 800-883-7225*
Shields Healthcare 800-258-4674
Steward Pet Imaging 877-877-8455
(maternal fetal and general)
Premier Diagnostic Services 800-346-2111

*This is the main scheduling number for services. Alliance Imaging has multiple sites across Massachusetts, many of which are under a different name.

Remember: Use Carelon to submit pre-certification and prior authorization requests for technical diagnostic imaging services.

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