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Medication Look-up
Medication Lookup

Our formularies offer members coverage for over 4,000 brand name and generic medications. Use the links below to find out if a medication is covered on the member's formulary.


Blue MedicareRx formulary

Federal Employee Program formularies (Basic Option and Standard Option)

Medicare Advantage Formulary

Standard formulary (for all other members with our pharmacy benefits)

Our standard formulary applies to:

  • Commercial medical plans with pharmacy benefits
  • Medex plans with the three-tier pharmacy benefit

Members who use our standard formulary typically have a tiered benefit structure as part of their prescription plan. Check benefits and eligiblity to determine the member's benefit structure and out-of-pocket cost. Below, you can either view covered medications by the member's tier design or by using the standard formulary look-up tool.

List of medications covered by the member's plan (standard formulary)

Choose the member's tier design to see a list of medications their plan covers.

Standard formulary look-up tool
You can also use our search feature to look-up coverage for a medication.

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Select a tier structure

Enter medication name (minimum 3 letters)

Select a drug group and drug sub-group (if applicable) from the list and click Search.