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Info for new providers

Thank you for enrolling with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts!

Now that you have received your welcome letter confirming your participation, be sure to complete these important tasks.

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Register for Provider Central (our secure website)

First, register for Provider Central. Becoming a registered user gives you access to contractual updates, eTools, your fee schedule, and more. Once you are registered, you can also have your billing agency register so they can use our site to work on your behalf. Learn how.

Need help?
Get Provider Central registration information or call our Provider Self-Service team at 1-800-771-4097.

Learn how to check member benefits and eligibility
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Medical and ancillary providers

You can check eligibility and benefits at no cost using ConnectCenter. No additional password is required. Please note: once you have completed your Provider Central registration, wait 15 minutes before performing real-time transactions (and one business day for claim submission) to allow our systems to update.

ConnectCenter Quick Start Guide

If you’ve tried using ConnectCenter, but still need help with a member’s benefits, you can contact Provider Service.

Dental providers

Use our CDT Dental Procedure Code Lookup tool to look up the procedure guidelines and submission requirements for all CDT codes.

To check a member's dental eligibility and benefits, you can use Dental Connect. This eTool available at no cost to both Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts-participating providers and providers who participate in our national GRID+ network.

You can register for Dental Connect directly at Change Healthcare’s website. Enter partner code BCMA01DPS (this important step enables Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to sponsor your monthly fees for this service).

Learn ways to submit claims to us and to check their status

Here’s some information on ways you can submit claims to us. Our Claim Submission page gives additional links, plus ways to check the status of your claims.

To submit claims this way Here's what you need to know
Through a direct connection with Blue Cross (medical and dental providers) If you use a system that outputs HIPAA-compliant files, then a direct connection with us may be a good option. You’ll get quick turnaround on your claims and direct-for-Blue Cross messages. To learn more, log in and go to eTools>Direct Connection.
Electronically using a tool we offer at no cost to you (for 1500 claims only) We offer Direct Data Entry in ConnectCenter through this website at no additional cost to you.
Through a clearinghouse Contact our EDI support team to help you get started. Email EDISupport@bcbsma.com.
Read your provider advisories with Payspan

With Payspan, you get online Provider Payment and Provider Detail Advisories that outline our payments to you.

Here are some resources to help you get started.

 Payspan Quick Start Guide

Watch a 2-minute tutorial

Get our policies

You’ll want to refer to these policies:

  • Medical policies.
  • Payment policies (information on how we pay claims for certain services). Log in to Provider Central and go to Office Resources>Policies & Guidelines>Payment Policies.
  • Blue Book and other provider manuals, which describe requirements that may apply to you. Log in to Provider Central and go to Office Resources>Policies & Guidelines>Provider Manuals.
Download your fee schedule

Log in to Provider Central and go to Office Resources>Billing & Reimbursement>Fee Schedules.

Notify us of practice changes

We are required by law to keep our provider directories, Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs, current and up-to-date, including whether you are accepting new patients. Your updates are critical, so members have your most current information. Please review your information quarterly.

If you need to make changes, follow the instructions on our Maintaining & Changing Status pages.

Recredential every two years

We recredential providers every two years. See our credentialing guidelines. If you are a professional provider, be sure to update CAQH quarterly so your information is current.